Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Celebrate 2008 with Trees

Festival of the Trees
The ball has dropped and the champagne has gone flat, but there’s still time to get your New Year off to a great start with some fine reading and photos at the 19th edition of The Festival of the Trees. This month’s host is Hoarded Ordinaries, a blog worth your time if only to discover what the author means by “Mundane Musings from a Collector of the Quotidian." There’s nothing ordinary about the stunning photos of a solstice tree at Frizzy Logic, Renaissance tree poetry at Via Negative, or “Read It and Weep,” a review of The Golden Spruce from sarala. Click around to find your own favorite entries.

If you enjoy this festival, check out past editions at the coordinating site for the Festival. And make plans to contribute your own tree-philic musings, quotidian or otherwise, to the next version at Ginko Dreams. Happy 2008!


cyberthrush said...

another cause for celebration: just discovered Michael Pollan is out with a brand new book, "In Defense of Food" -- just glancing through it in bookstore, and given his past efforts, looks to be excellent for anyone who enjoys his work.

pinenut said...

Hey cyberthursh--
I hadn't heard about Pollan's new book. Thanks for the heads up! Happy reading in 2008. Julie

pinenut said...

Readers might enjoy visiting cyberthrush's blog, Ivory-bills Live!, for a selection from Chet Raymo's book, Skeptics and True Believers. It's not about trees but rather red knots, migration, and wonder. Check December 22, 2007 at this link: .

sarala said...

Hey, thanks for the honorable mention. Happy New Year and hope to see you around.

pinenut said...

Hi Sarala,

Thanks for dropping by. I love your "interests" entry on your profile--"reading anything in print." Please let us know whenever you come across great nature books.