Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Capturing Your Inner Birder

Thanks, Minnesota Birdnerd, for your delightful, photo-rich bird blog and for tagging me for my first-ever meme. This one asks for a six-word memoir of your inner birder. Here goes:

Horseback mornings,
Riding through birdsong;

Also essential, tagging five (well, I'm picking seven) other unsuspecting but much-admired blogs that might enjoy playing next. Here are my lucky few:

Alone on a Limb
Ivory-bills Live!!!
Nature Remains
River Mud Blog
Via Negative
Wild Flora’s Wild Gardening

If you want to play here are the rules:
1. Write a six word memoir and post it on your blog with an illustration if you’d like.
2. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to this original if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere.
3. Tag 5 more blogs with links.
4. Don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

And if the bird memoir meme isn’t your cup of tea—or even if it is—check out the latest edition (#71!) of the best nature blog carnival around: I and the Bird. This edition, adeptly hosted by The House and Other Musings, celebrates not just birds and bird images but also words of Darwin, Bernd Heinrich, Peter Matthiessen, John Burroughs, and many other PAS favorites. The quote picked for my entry could hardly have been more perfect:

"Why are not more gems from our great authors scattered over the country? Great books are not in everybody's reach; and though it is better to know them thoroughly than to know them only here and there, yet it is a good work to give a little to those who have neither the time nor means to get more. Let every bookworm, when... he discovers a sentence, a story, an illustration, that does his heart good, hasten to give it." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

There’s so much great stuff there, I’m not sure that I’ll finish it before Edition #72 appears next month. Enjoy!


cyberthrush said...

Hi Julie, thanx for the recognition, but as I've told others, I just don't do memes or carnivals or the like for now (just don't have the time), so please replace me with someone else... or maybe you don't even need to since you started with 7.

Wild Flora said...

Hi there Pinenut,

Thanks for tagging me. I enjoyed doing this one. (See http://wildgardeners.blogspot.com/2008/03/six-word-memoir-meme.html)

However, I don't think I'm going to pass this on. Partly it's because, like Cyberthrush, I't short on time at the moment. Part if it is because the last time I tried to pass on a meme I got slapped down by someone who didn't like being tagged and wasn't friendly about telling me so! So now I'm a little meme-shy.

Dave said...

Well, I don't really do memes, but I can imagine being rude about it like the previous commenter's taggee. It's always an honor to be tagged. This one is tempting, because I'm a connoisseur of short forms, and the six-word response above is really well-done.

--Dave from Via Negativa

Dave said...

The problem is, I'm not really a birder, just a bird-appreciator.

Dave Coulter said...


Thanks to cyber-shorthand I'm in, heh-heh!


Thanks for including me. :)


Dave said...

"I can imagine": I meant I can't imagine. I suppose that's obvious.

pinenut said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your great blogs and for dropping by to let me know whether or not you're interested in playing. Absolutely no need to feel uncomfortable about declining. Though my in-laws sometimes seem to think otherwise, an invitation is not a summons! Just play if you think it sounds fun.

Dave said...


Terrell said...

Thanks, Julie. I have finally gotten around to seeking my Inner Birder. Check it out: