Friday, April 4, 2008

Festival of Spring

This beautiful photo, from a visit last weekend to DC's beautiful blossoming cherry trees, is in honor of the first bilingual Festival of the Trees. In addition to the reliably stunning photos, informative articles, and insightful essays, look for several links to captivating and touching poetry.

Anyone who visits this site even occasionally will suspect that the well-composed, clearly-focused photo is not mine. Correct! Many thanks to my dear friend Rebecca Lehmann-Sprouse for enjoying the cherry trees with me and sharing her photo.

Happy spring, everyone!


Anonymous said...
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pinenut said...

Hi everyone--

I'm not deleting real comments, but I am having increasing problems with spam links being added. Anyone have a suggestion of how to keep them from being posted? Thanks!

Dave Coulter said...

I get random spam from time to time. I just ditch 'em when I get 'em.

BTW, one of my pieces is in this FOT! :)

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Texas Travelers said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photo.

I have always wanted to be there and see the blossoms.