Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Highlights

You’d think that the highlight of this naturalist-wanna-be’s weekend would have been watching this toad couple laying strings of eggs in a backyard pond. Only a few of us were even distracted by the amphibious antics from the main event—shooting photos of our daughters and their dates before their senior prom.

Or maybe the highlight, as an environmentalist, should have been the following interchange, around 2 am, at the After Prom party, between two students, worn-down by eating, dancing, swimming, and more eating, searching for a receptacle for their gnawed pizza crusts—

Girl: Here’s one {i.e., a trash can}.
Boy: It’s recycling.
Girl: Oh.

The couple moved slowly on, still looking. When more desiderata of green living become so routine that exhausted teenagers comply without questioning, we’ll have a healthier planet.

But mostly this weekend I was a mom, admiring and enjoying my grown-up daughter on one of her happiest days. I hope that she felt at least some of the ebullience John Muir expressed after his first few weeks in the Sierra:

. . . . This June seems the greatest of all the months of my life, the most truly, divinely free, boundless like eternity, immortal. Everything in it seems equally divine—one smooth, pure, wild glow of Heaven’s love, never to be blotted or blurred by anything past or to come.


Anonymous said...

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Starshine said...

wow! This is a really great blog. You must spend a lot of time on it.
The pictures are sooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Coulter said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend. And who else can make a story that combine frogs and a prom?!

Texas Travelers said...

Congrats on a nice post,
Troy and Martha

Stacey Huston said...

What beautiful girls. you should be so proud.. LOL was a bit confused with the start of the frogs.. but that too is a great photo.. thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy the book.. I tend to stay within the box on things I read also,, otherwise I fall fast asleep two sentences in and finally give up after a few months of really trying.. (grin)